TripAdvisor has dropped a list of 20 new hotels that need to be on your bucket list, and four of them are in the Lone Star State. A Central Texas location made it into the top 10 -- and would be the perfect spot for a staycation.

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Four Texas hotels were included on the list of TripAdvisor's 20 Hottest New Hotels in the U.S. for 2022 as part of this year's Travelers' Choice Awards, based on the latest reviews of new hotels. Let's dive into the bottom of the list and work our way to the top.

Hottest New Hotels in Texas

At #20, the Cotton Court Hotel in downtown Lubbock has a lot to offer, especially for Texas Tech visitors, since the university is only one mile away.

According to the hotel's website, Cotton Court has a design based on Lubbock's history in the cotton industry and the area's Great Plains roots. It has an 'Excellent' ranking on TripAdvisor, with a 4.5 out of 5 score.

Cotton Court Hotel, Lubbock, Texas (Outdoor pool)
#20 - Cotton Court Hotel, Lubbock, Texas (Outdoor pool)

A New Riverwalk Hotel

San Antonio’s Thompson Hotel - Riverwalk was ranked #12 on the list.

It's an impressive spot, and TripAdvisor shows the Thompson as #3 out of 397 hotels in San Antonio. The website describes it as boutique hotel, located just steps from the historic Alamo, the San Antonio Museum of Art, and the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts.

Thompson San Antonio - Riverwalk (Suite)
#12 - Thompson San Antonio - Riverwalk (Suite)

A Central Texas Hotel With Style

Out of 20 places to stay, Colton House Hotel in Austin made it into TripAdvisor's top 10 at #9. The Colton House is also on TripAdvisor's 2022 Travelers' Choice Best of the Best List. It's ranked #3 out of 248 hotels in Austin, with a 5 out of 5 review score.
Colton House Hotel, Austin, Texas (Suite)
#9 - Colton House Hotel, Austin, Texas (Suite)

A Top Place to Stay in Houston

The Blossom Hotel Houston opened last year and is the highest-ranked Texas hotel on TripAdvisor's list at #8. Located by Texas Medical Center and Galleria Houston, the Blossom Hotel offers some luxury amenities and services, like the Peloton Fitness Center and onsite Mercedes-Benz shuttle.

Blossom Hotel, Houston, Texas
#8 - Blossom Hotel, Houston, Texas (Lobby)

You can see TripAdvisor's full list here.


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