All the best things come from Texas, including the #1 grocery chain: H-E-B.

According to a report from our news partners at KWTX, a survey by Grocery Dive named H-E-B as 2020 Grocer of the Year.

As we're all aware, the pandemic of COVID-19 shook up our daily lives in multiple ways. One of the biggest challenges that we faced involved supply and demand in grocery stores. For weeks, necessities like toilet paper, paper towels, canned goods, and pasta were at the top o everyone's grocery list because they were vanishing from shelves.

Empty shelves lined the isles across the country, but here in Texas we experienced a much shorter wait for these goods than many others. That's because unlike other states, we have a grocery store that's always there when we need them. H-E-B has a slogan that "no store does more," and they continue to prove that to Texans every day.

H-E-B strategically prepared for the pandemic while others let the chaos surprise and overwhelm their employees and customers.

“Nobody could have predicted the magnitude of this, but because they had policies in place on how to react to this stuff, they were able to adjust a lot quicker than other grocery stores,” said Pedro Reyes, an associate professor of supply chain management at Baylor University.

H-E-B took matters a step further by not only prioritizing customer's needs, but by offering their employees bonuses and benefits for being frontline workers. At the beginning of the pandemic H-E-B created the Texas Proud Pay program, which gave employees a higher temporary pay. By June 22nd, the company transitioned the program into different long-term, permanent merit increases for partners. The company also extended medical leave to all partners and gave those that tested positive for coronavirus pay when they were not able to work.

It's easy to see why H-E-B came in at #1, and why the company continues to bring success to the state of Texas. Thank you to each and every frontline worker. You truly make our world go 'round!

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