This year I don't want a basic Christmas tree! Either I've spent way too much time on Pinterest and TikTok or Christmas trees are starting to look real blah to me. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas trees- the lights, the ornaments, they're amazing, but lately, I just haven't been wowed by the trees I'm seeing.

This year for Christmas, I really wanted to go in a different direction and instead of having a regular Christmas tree, I really wanted a Christmas cactus! Well, not a real cactus, but a fake one that could be decorated as a tree! I got the idea from TikTok creator @ChristineSnaps, who has just so many cactus themed ideas!

Well, I thought it was a great idea! We live in the desert, it's unique and festive- all great starting points, right? Well, my mom didn't care for it. So instead we busted out our old Christmas tree and decorated it with our usual ornaments. Pretty, but basic.

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I'm sure some of you out there would agree that a Christmas cactus is much cooler than a regular Christmas tree. But a cactus Christmas tree isn't the only thing I was totally down to get, I had two other alternatives I was ready to present to my family for this year. First up: The decorated Agave:

How festive are those ornaments? It's adorable and I would have loved to decorate our succulent, however, getting the gifts underneath it would prove to be a challenge.

Then there was this one tree that I thought was pretty cool, but my mom thought it would make too much of a mess.

A tumbleweed tree! Which, actually, now that I think of it, would prove to be a bit hazardous; but still pretty to look at right?

I still maintain that we should have gotten a Christmas cactus- it would have looked something like this:

Maybe some other year.


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