Every year, parents around the world tuck their kids into bed and read to them as they drift off to sleep in wait of Santa Claus.

Books like The Polar Express and The Night Before Christmas are beloved favorites, but you can start your own Christmas Eve reading tradition with these three Texas-themed holiday books.

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When Ashley visits Texas to spend Christmas with her cousin José, she's treated to 12 days of uniquely Lone Star gifts. She writes letters home to describe the 8 grazin' longhorns, 7 bass a-swimmin', and the other presents that are all about experiences over possessions.

Santa Claus is coming to town, and he'll pass by some of Texas' most beloved landmarks along the way. This is a fantastic book for not only getting kids excited about Christmas morning, but teaching them about the places they can visit and explore here in the Lone Star State.


If Santa was from Texas, you know his sleigh would be pulled by a pack of longhorns. (I like to imagine one of them would have glowing-red horns to light up the night.) In James Rice's Texas Night Before Christmas, Santa and his longhorns land on a poor family's sod shanty to fill the children's boos with toys.


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