Remember when you could casually drive to the store to grab some groceries and toilet paper, then stop at your favorite Mexican place for chips and salsa?

I vaguely remember.

March felt like an entire year, and April already feels as if it should be long gone by now. Life in the age of COVID-19 moves a little slower and certainly feels a much more stressful. Something as simple as going to H-E-B or Walmart has started to feel like the real life equivalent of a dangerous Star Trek away mission.

I think many of us are learning the hard way not to take anything for granted when things return to normal (or, as normal as they can be after all this).

Here are five things for which I will most definitely have a deeper appreciation going forward.

5 Things I Took for Granted Before the COVID-19 Pandemic

How about you? What did you take for granted before the COVID-19 pandemic? Let us know in the comments.

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