Looking for a way to escape for a few days? How about getting away for the weekend for a mini-vacation? Just gather up your family, your spouse, or even just the girls to plan for this mini-vacay that is not so far away from home. Texas has so many unique stays that are just a short venture out.

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The weather in Texas right now can vary, but that alright. So for those weekends that are full of sunshine and heat, you can choose a spot that is near some water to dip your toes in all weekend long.

However, if the clouds are looking awfully gray, don't feel obligated to stay home; you can venture out and have fun in an entirely new city. Book a stay in one of these fun Air bnb's to get out of the house and into a new adventure.

Sure, you can opt for a Motel 6 or Hilton Inn, but why not get fun with this one? Air bnb has some pretty unique options if you dig around a bit. Lucky for you, no digging will be necessary because we have done all the legwork for you this time!

We have hand-chosen 6 of the spunkiest A-Frame Texas Air bnb's listed right now. They all have unique characteristics that are sure to make any stay a fun one. So pack an overnight bag or two and get together some friends and family to book your stay for a weekend of fun and relaxation.

6 Spunky A-Frame Air bnb's for Your Next Getaway

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