(KTEM)  Schools in Belton, Waco and four other area districts will receive almost $60,000 in grants from the Education Service Center for Region 12.  The state of Texas is divided in 20 regions for education each with its own Education Service Center. The ESC serves as the link between the Texas Education Agency and each district.

The grants will support educational technology programs for schools in Belton, Hillsboro, Kopperl, Lorena, McGregor and Waco. This includes providing equipment such as such as ENO White Boards, Chromebooks and iPads to aid traditional classroom learning. Educators hope to use these modern resources to support literacy, research, science and math education.

“The ESC Region 12 Education Technology Foundation became part of our vision for how to continually leverage resources and drive more money to students and teachers in the classroom, where it matters most, more than two years ago. To now present grant money that helps Region 12 schools place instructional technology in the hands of students is an exciting victory,” said ESC Region 12 Executive Director Jerry Maze, Ed.D.

“We are proud to support our schools in their efforts to give all students first-class technology in the classroom.”

According to the World Economic Forum, the U.S. ranks 52nd in the quality of mathematics and science education and is steadily declining in overall global competiveness. Many feel programs that support math, science and technology are essential.

“I am excited to present grant awards to local school districts… which both advances and encourages the innovative use of technology in the classroom,” Advisory Board Chair Kevin Houchin said.

The 2014 grant recipients are: