If you took a long road trip over the long holiday weekend, we hope you snapped some pictures of the things that make Texas great.  There are many!  Here are just a few of the best that should be on every Texan's social media, and at least one of them involves beer.

Every time I go on a road trip I notice new things that make me love and appreciate Texas even more than I already do.  It's fun to drive and look, and even if the place is a bit of a wreck, it's in Texas and therefore it screams history, nostalgia, and charm.  Most of the time anyway.  I was born in Nebraska, but I've lived in Texas more than half my life, and I can't imagine being anywhere else.  It's not Texas pride to say we've got lots of gems, is it?  It seems like common sense to those of us that have common sense.  (Insert your favorite emoji here.)

If you see a bluebonnet on social media, it feels like home, right?  If it's an out-of-stater who posts the wildflower picture, you know they were in the right place at the right time.  Texas is pretty all year, but especially in the spring.

We've got beer, guitars, unique land features, animals, and boots, and all of it should make an appearance at one time or another on our social media feeds because this is Texas, and Texas appreciates Texas.

Feel free to send us your best Texas photos on our app, and we'll watch for some brisket and Shiner on your pages too ya all.

7 Photos That Should Be On Every Texan's Social Media

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