If there is a year where it's a Texan Superbowl, wouldn't it be the year where it's hosted in Houston?

Let the speculation begin. And yes, delicious speculation it is at the prospect of an entirely Texan team Super Bowl for 2017.

ABC 13 in Houston paints the possible scenarios that could bring about a supreme confrontation between the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans in the biggest football game in the world.

Falcons v Texans
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What makes the possibility of a Texan Super Bowl even more delicious: Super Bowl LI, scheduled for Sunday, February 5, will be at NRG Stadium in Houston.

Yes, that's right. An all-Texas Super Bowl played in Texas. Mind blown.

Even more delicious: a Super Bowl played in the home stadium of one of the teams, which has never happened before. If anything is possible, it's going to happen in Texas.

Most delicious of all: it's not Jerryworld! Jerry Jones might go completely insane at the prospect.

Stay tuned!

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