I'm not a therapist, but I've talked to enough of them to know that threatening to "kill all the kids" at your stepson's school isn't an effective conflict resolution tool.

The Austin American-Statesman reports that 36-year-old Austin man Patrick Pleasant was anything but after getting into a fight with his stepson over the summer. After the fight, during which the 16-year-old reportedly bit him, Pleasant was charged with domestic battery.

After his release from jail on August 21, police say Pleasant demanded the teen be arrested and threatened to go to the kid's school and kill him along with his classmates.

That prompted a lockdown of the school. Sadly, things didn't stop there.

KVUE reports that  Pleasant sent Facebook messages to his former pastor stating he still wanted to "shoot up" the teen's high school, and on August 12 he reportedly called the kid's school demanding information about him and his friends.

Did things stop there? Oooh, no. Police say Pleasant then sent an email to the principal reading, "I'm going to kill all of the kids."

That prompted yet another lockdown, and police traced the call back to Pleasant's home on Northeast Drive in Austin.

Travis County Jail records indicate Pleasant remained there Tuesday afternoon in lieu of bonds totaling $20,000. The only charge I saw listed was for obstruction or retaliation.

This entire situation probably could have been avoided if a grown man had stopped, breathed deep, and counted to 10 instead of threatening to murder a bunch of kids. Just something to remember the last time you get into an argument with your teenager.

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