KWTX's Rhyan Henson reports that the Waco Police Department is on the hunt for burglars who threw a rock through the window of a Dairy Queen in Waco. Sadly, this is the third Dairy Queen break-in in as many weeks.

The burglars struck at the restaurant in the 4600 block of Waco Drive early Monday morning. Regional manager Rob Douglas said, "The culprits threw a rock through a drive through window to gain access to the store."

"No money was taken because money isn’t left in stores overnight," Douglass added.

Douglas said this was the third Dairy Queen broken into in three weeks in the Waco area. Each break-in can cost thousands of dollars depending on the severity of the damage.

Douglas said that his number one priority is the safety of his staff and customers of Dairy Queen. If the break-ins continue to occur, Douglas said he may have to raise prices on the menu.

Waco Police Department is reviewing the surveillence footgae to find out who is responsible for the crime. If you have any information on who may be the culprits, don't hesitate to call Crime Stoppers at (254) 753-4357.

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