So there I was standing in the studio minding my own business, when I felt a tickle just above my ankle. I look down and to my horror, a small garden snake is writhing around on top of my shoe! I have the audio to prove it.

Listen for it at around 13 seconds in.

Luckily Walter Hetzel from the Temple Animal Shelter was in the room with us and he was able to catch and release it with ease. By the way that makes two "Jason shrieks in two weeks".

We can all feel it in the air - the temperature is dropping, the wide-open sky is filling up with clouds - ahh, yes, fall is here. Hopefully the bug life will take a brief respite from biting Texans, but one thing is for sure. Snakes are on our plains (see what I did there?).

Snakes actually prefer cooler temperatures in autumn, says Texas Hill Country. They also have a large task at hand as they need to prepare for the upcoming winter, which means they have to find a a winter home and they need to eat their fill. As a result, snakes are way more active now than they are in the summertime, where they're looking for cool, shady spots.

Texas Hill Country reminds you to wear close-toed shoes during snake season and seek immediate medical attention if you are bit by a snake. While Texas only sees about one death per year due to a snakebite, it's still something to be taken seriously.

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