Either someone's filming a guerrilla-style horror movie in Waco or there's something in the air making people crazy.

Waco police say a man stole one of their unmarked cruisers, stopped to threaten someone with an ax while wearing a hockey mask, crashed the cruiser during a chase, stole another vehicle, and led police on a second chase.

If only I could get that much done in an afternoon.

According to our news partners at Channel 10, Waco police left the unmarked Dodge Charger at the Valley Mills Car Wash at North Valley Mills Drive and Cobbs Drive Tuesday afternoon for some TLC.

The suspect reportedly walked up to an employee, said he needed to leave, and just helped himself to the car, speeding off down Rambler Drive.

Bold move, yes, but this fascinating specimen wasn't done. Police say he stopped in the 1500 block of Rambler, turned on the car's emergency lights, and strapped on a bullet proof vest and hockey mask. He then allegedly threatened a homeowner (who police believe he didn't even know) with an ax before hopping back in the car and heading for Woodway.

But wait! There's more.

When police spotted the stolen cruiser, they gave chase. The ma flipped the lights on again and led Waco PD and DPS officers on a chase along Highway 6 before crashing at HW6 and McLaughlin Road.

The guy bailed from the crashed cruiser and ran to a nearby business, where police say he stole an SUV and sped away. The second chase also ended in a crash - this time at Flatrock Road and Pioneer Parkway.

Police didn't waste any time before slapping cuffs on the man, who now faces charges of theft of a police vehicle, impersonating an officer, and aggravated assault. More charges could be pending.

So, what did you get done today?

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