Police in Blue Mound, Texas say a guy nicknamed "Baby Jesus" has turned himself in after reportedly doing stunts on his motorcycle while fleeing from officers early last month.

Sin of pride, BJ. Sin of pride.

Dashcam video uploaded to Blue Mound police on August 12 shows police trying to stop Jesus Sebastian Gomez on a busy highway on August 10. Not only does he refuse to stop, but he goes all Captain Lance Murdock on the cops, popping wheelies, standing on his seat, and other crazy stuff.

I love the caption on the video, by the way:

Jesus Sebastian Gomez, aka: "Baby Jesus" you need to come speak with us regarding this incident or we can come to you. (We could have a come to “Baby Jesus” meeting) It's your move ! #bikelife Will @thareal_babyjesus please stand up ? (and we don’t mean on your bike 🏍)

On August 15, police issued a felony warrant for Gomez for evading arrest with a vehicle. Again, police were very blunt on their Facebook post about the warrant:

Sebastian, your bond is set at $15,000. You have a few options:

1) Turn yourself in and pay a cash bond to prepare for court.

2) Call a bail bondsman or an attorney to post your bond.

3) Run.

We don’t recommend the 3rd option. You already see where that has gotten you.

Gomez must have prayed on it (hopefully not to himself), because he eventually decided to do the right thing. Police reported Thursday that he'd turned himself in at the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office.

I didn't see him on the county's online jail roster Friday, so he must have bonded out. Either that or he pulled off another sick stunt in his cell and escaped, but I feel like there'd be a strongly worded Facebook post from Blue Mound police if that'd happened.

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