Playboy Magazine recently published its list of each state's strangest craft liquor, and Texas' is made right in our back yard.

Rumble - a product of Balcones Distilling in Waco.

"What would happen," Horn wrote, "if you baked up a fig crumble for dessert and then fermented and distilled it? You’d pretty much get this spirit from Balcones Distilling, which is made from a mix of Mission figs, Texas wildflower honey and turbinado sugar, and then aged in oak for a year. It’s a little bit like rum, a little bit like brandy and mostly like something you’ve never tasted before.".

Balcones' website describes Rumble as "[d]efying categorization both in its composition and reception", which is making me all the more eager to try it.

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As for the rest of Horn's lit, there are at least three others that intrigue me.

The sci-fi/British comedy nerd in me wants to try Zaphod - a Baltic-style spirit made by The Brothers Vilgalys distillery in North Carolina.

A morbidly curious part of me wants to try Øster Vit out of the James River Distillery in Richmond, Virginia. Horn describes it as your standard aquavit infused with oyster shells for a briny taste.

I get the feeling I'd need some Downhome Sweetwater Pumpkin Cheesecake Vodka from Genevieve, Missouri's Crown Valley Brewing and Distilling to chase away the brine.

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