Baylor University is offering its students, faculty, and staff a chance to get COVID-19 rapid testing at no cost.

Baylor University, like most schools across the country, have seen an increase in COVID-19 cases over the past several days. With the Thanksgiving break upon us, the university has made arrangements to make sure everyone on campus has a chance to get tested before they head home for the holiday.

FOX44 News reports that insurance providers will be billed for the tests, with Baylor University paying the remaining balances.

Folks at Baylor who want to get themselves tested will need to schedule their testing appointments through the Health Portal using a BaylorID. Click HERE for the link.

Baylor will assist the students who are currently in isolation or quarantine and cannot travel home yet because of a positive test.

COVID-19 cases among students, faculty, and staff continue to rise across Central Texas. Many public schools are moving to the virtual classroom once again as school closures across the state continue. Large gatherings for both Thanksgiving and Christmas are being discouraged as cases spike across the country.

The virtual classroom can actually benefit those attending colleges and universities, as they are more conditioned for the online experience. I have a kid who attends college, and most of his work is done and submitted online with little to no need for an actual classroom. His teachers post their lectures and all he has to do is watch the video and take notes.

If you attend or work at Baylor, I think it it would be a good idea for you to take advantage of this offer and get tested before traveling over the break. If you are feeling ill and showing any symptoms of COVID-19, stay home and quarantine.

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