Baylor's defense made all the difference in deciding Thursday night's Texas Bowl victory!

Vanderbilt was a 4 point favorite over Baylor going into Thursday night's game which featured a back and forth battle for most of the night. The highlights included Vanderbilt opening a game with a 65-yard touchdown pass followed by a Baylor field goal. Both teams then traded touchdowns to bring an action-packed first quarter to a close.

Baylor led off the second quarter with another touchdown which was promptly answered by Vanderbilt who managed an 80+ yard play of their own. It was becoming apparent that Vanderbilt was making Baylor pay by giving up the big play. The score was 21-17 at the half.

The second half wasn't much different as both teams traded touchdowns off big plays which must have been driving the defensive coaches nuts on both sides of the field. In the fourth quarter, both teams traded 75-yard touchdown plays. At which point it may have seemed the defense had already got on the bus to head home but Baylor's squad had 1 defensive stand left in them.

With the score 45-38, Baylor managed to get a turnover on downs to gain possession of the ball. The bears ran out the clock to win the Texas Bowl 45-38.

If you missed the Academy Texas Bowl you can see all the scoring highlights in the video above!

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