The City of Temple is looking to smoke out problems in the city's sewer system this month.

Throughout July, the City will partner with RJN Group Engineering to perform smoke tests of the collection system located in the Friars Creek Basin. The method detained in the video below will help identify areas where unnecessary groundwater or rainfall enters the sewer system, which often causes backups, overflows, and increased treatment costs.

Smoke will be visible issuing from vent stacks on houses and from holes where crews will (hopefully) be able to identify problems and get them fixed. The smoke could even make it into the interior of structures were there are problems with the connection to the sewage system.

Officials say the smoke is non-toxic, odorless, and does not create a fire hazard.

Crews will place notifications on the front door of every building where testing will be conducted 24 hours before the tests begin. There'll also be prominent signs in the street to make passerby aware of what's going on.

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