Coming from a fellow Central Texas resident just as y'all are, I can tell you that this Sun has really been beaming hard on us here lately. With these excessive days of us pushing 110° F degrees outside, it definitely has me trying to beat the heat in anyway possible.

No matter if you are inside or outside, everyone is altering there everyday lives to try to stay cool by any means possible. Take my case for example, I'm typing this post right now with one of those fat box fans blowing through my beard.

So y'all should definitely flock to our Facebook page, and let us know how you are beating the heat. Just click this link to do so. Whether it's a getaway at the lake, maybe you take a family trip to a water park, take a dip in the pool, or maybe you stay in front of the air conditioner playing video games with your children in the house.

Hope y'all are beating the heat, and looking forward to seeing how y'all are staying cool.

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