I'm naturally a homer when it comes to whining about how unsafe I-35 is. Even if the worst of the construction/expansion is over (south of Waco, anyway), there are still plenty of psychopaths cutting through multiple lanes, morons driving way too slow or too fast, and folks binge watching The Boys on their phone instead of watching the road.

According to a report from Brianne Sandorf at ASecureLife.com, I-35 isn't Texas' most dangerous highway. That distinction goes to I-10. Between May and September of 2015 through 2017, I-10 averaged 154 fatalities. I-20 came in second with 151, and I-35 came in third with 139.

The data indicates a correlation between higher speed limits and fatal crashes, and Texas has the highest highway speed limits in the nation.

High speeds are just one factor if you ask me. I ride the speed limit every time I get on the highway, but I don't stare at my phone and I make it point to check all my mirrors and know what people all around me are doing.

When mom was teaching me to drive, she said rule #1 was to assume every other driver on the road is drunk, an idiot, or both. Your job is to get home in one piece, not race anyone anywhere or return what you think are important calls or texts.

Keep that in mind while you're driving around this Labor Day.

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