Good news for anyone who needs to do some burning this weekend - the burn ban currently in effect in Bell County will be lifted Thursday morning through Sunday evening.

County Judge Jon H. Burrows issued a news release Wednesday morning announcing that the ban will be temporarily lifted at 7 AM Thursday, September 6. You'll have until 8 PM Sunday, September 9 to get your outdoor burning in before the ban is reinstated.

However, the ban status will be evaluated by the Commissioner Court at 9 AM Monday, so we'll keep an eye on that.

Burrows said the lift was based on recent rainfall and the anticipation of more wet weather.

This language appeared in the news release, so be careful:

"Other TCEQ Rules remain in effect, to include the prohibition against burning when surface wind speeds are predicted to be less than six miles per hour (mph) (five knots) or greater than 23 mph (20 knots) during the burn period."

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