The Temple Daily Telegram shared the disturbing story of Bell County Constable who witnessed a man trying to lure young girls into an SUV early Sunday morning.

Bell County Precinct 3 Constable Thomas Prado told the Telegram's Deborah McKeon he witnessed a gold Mitsubishi SUV stop near North Main Street and French Avenue around 3 AM Sunday. A group of young girls told Prado a man in the SUV tried to talk them into getting inside.

When the driver of the SUV spotted Prado, he started driving away and refused to stop. Bell County deputies joined the pursuit minutes later, but Prado lost a tire in a construction zone and couldn't continue.

McKeon reports that the SUV was later found abandoned with the engine running and doors wide open at the corner of Calhoun and Sixth Street. The vehicle was reported stolen Monday, and while the owner told officers his daughter took it, witnesses say a man was driving.

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