Bell County officials have reported a second death from the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

In an update to their website at 1:10 PM Monday, the Bell County Public Health District listed a fatality dated 4/6/2020. The patient was listed as a male, but his age and other details were not released.

The first Bell County resident to pass away as a result of COVID-19 infection was a Temple woman in her 80's.

Ten confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been added to the list since Friday's weekly news conference with Judge David Blackburn, bringing the total cases identified in the county to 68.

The new cases include a Killeen woman in her 30's, a Temple Man in his 60's, a Killeen woman in her 50's, a Killeen man in his 60's, a Belton woman in her 50's, a Temple man in his 20's, a Belton woman in her 60's, a Killeen man in his 70's, a Harker Heights man in his 40's, and a Bell County man in his 30's.

Health officials say 15 of the 68 patients recorded in Bell County have recovered.

According to Texas Health and Human Services, our state has reported 7,276 cases of COVID-19. 1,153 patients were hospitalized as of Noon Monday, and 140 fatalities had been reported.

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