As the heatwave is slowly beginning to show signs of worsening, many are looking for options to help with any potential side effects the heat brings. With many concerned with how the power grid in Texas hasn't been most reliable, one organization in Belton, Texas is setting out to help citizens.

The Belton Fire Corps has announced it has window air conditioners and fans for anyone in the city who needs or requests one. Dean Wetherbee with KWKT reports that anyone who lives in Belton simply has to prove they live in the city and are in need of help by showing a utility bill or a rent receipt.

For those wanting a window unit, the fire corps must go out to the residence and check the living space to make sure it can be installed. The unit also cannot be self-installed - the fire corps themselves must do the installation. If you think about it, that's the best way to do it anyway. That way you know it's perfectly installed and safe.

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Belton Fire Corp Facebook/Canva
Belton Fire Corp Facebook/Canva

Fans on the other hand can be retrieved from Fire Station 2 on 420 Sparta Road. Anyone with questions can call the Belton Fire Corps directly at 254-770-2381.

According the latest forecast by KWTX, temperatures could reach as high as 98 degrees this week. This could also set new record highs on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. With ERCOT also urging many to conserve power by setting AC Units to 78, many will be looking for cooler air to be by.

Remember that heat stroke is entirely possible if you're working long hours outside. Find a shady place if the heat begins to affect your regular functions, and be sure to drink plenty of water.


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