Two Belton firefighters are being praised for their dedication to public service after helping an injured man finish his yard work.

On Wednesday, March 20, two pictures of Capt. Justin Porter and firefighter Jeff Glover sodding a yard were posted on the Belton Fire Department's Facebook page.

Christy Soto with our news partners at News Channel 10 learned that the two were doing what firefighters do best - helping a neighbor in need.

Earlier in the day, the pair had responded to a home where a man had slipped and fell in mud while working on his yard. Porter and Glover took the man to a local hospital, then realized he wasn't going to be able to finish working on his lawn. They decided to do it themselves.

“We don't do this job for the fame and fortune, we just knew it was the right thing to do, so we went over there and helped him out we didn't think twice about it,” Porter told News Channel 10. He said the work only took about half an hour, and that since firefighters work for their neighbors, it was all just part of the job.

Guy, we salute you! This is what public service is all about. We hope that homeowner is out of the hospital soon so he can enjoy that lawn.

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