City of Belton officials and Belton Fire Department representatives are scheduled to meet next week to discuss compensation and retention concerns raised by local firefighters.

Brandon Hamilton with our news partner, KWTX-TV, reports that Belton firefighters have recently seen multiple staff members resign and move to other stations amid concerns about lack of pay and the resignation of five staff members within a 20-day period.

Members of the Belton Firefighters group on Facebook first brought these issues to light via social media.

One post read, "Informing the public of our retention issue was sparked by losing four firefighters and an officer within a 20-day period."

The City of Belton has since responded.

“Over the past month five Belton firefighters have resigned: four accepted positions with other fire departments and another plans to attend medical school," their statement reads. "It’s a great time to apply for a position in Belton. We’ve even increased the hiring bonus for experienced applicants,"

It is unclear exactly when the meeting will take place next week, but the overall lack of firefighters in Belton, pay, and retention issues are expected to be the primary focus of the discussion.

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