Almost a week after a woman was fatally injured by a rock thrown from an Interstate 35 overpass in Temple, Belton police have confirmed that objects were thrown from a US Highway 190/Interstate 14 overpass early Tuesday morning. However, they don't believe the cases are related.

The incidents reportedly occurred between 12:30 AM and 12:45 AM on March 12. The Belton Police Department received three calls from citizens reporting their cars were hit by objects thrown onto I-14 between Loop 121 and FM 1670. One of the callers reported that his vehicle was hit by a rock. Other callers aid their vehicles were hit by eggs. It's unclear if other objects were thrown as well.

A responding officer interviewed two juveniles who were in the area, but no arrests were made. Police have not released descriptions or the identities of those juveniles.

Around 8:40 PM Saturday, March 9, Keila Ruby Flores was severely injured when a rock thrown from a railroad overpass in the 2600 block of I-35 in Temple pierced her windshield. She passed away at 10:30 AM the following day.

On Tuesday, March 12, Temple police confirmed that a rock was thrown from the overpass near exit 302 and Nugent Avenue at 10:16 AM, striking a vehicle. Fortunately, no one was injured in that incident.

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