With all the negativity we often have to scroll through on social media, it's always refreshing to see someone share an image or story that brings people together to share happy memories.

Discover Downtown Belton posted a picture of The Hamburger King Sunday. I was born and raised in Central Texas, but I'm not old enough to have had the privilege of eating at the restaurant. (Or I wasn't old enough to remember.) Still, it was fun scrolling through comments and seeing people share their happy experiences for what was obviously a beloved Belton landmark for years.

Our friend at the Belton Journal, Tony Adams, wrote about Hamburger King back in June. Tony gave a brief history of the burger joint at on Central Avenue near East Street.

According to the article, Wes Coppin, who opened The Hamburger King around the time of the Great Depression, owned and operated the restaurant for close to 45 years before passing away, after which his family kept it going for 9 years. The burger stand was lost in the mid-80's as the building to which it was attached was re-faced.

Did you eat at The Hamburger King? What can you tell us about it?

Here are some stand-out comments from the Discover Downtown Belton post.

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