Ah, the life of a dog. I mean, a dog lay around all day, gets more sleep than the average bear and gets more attention than a needs wife or girlfriend, am I right guys? Plus, when there's kids around, or a sloppy adult, they get the floor scraps. Ah, the life of a dog.

Apparently table scraps are no longer good enough for our four legged friends, now they want our desserts too.

CNBC reports that Ben & Jerry's is here to make that happen with two new ice cream flavors that are made specifically for DOGS.

Ben & Jerry's "Doggie Desserts"  are the perfect treat for your dog. No dairy in this ice cream. Instead of dairy, they used sunflower-butter as the base, so it's easier on dogs' stomachs and digestive system. It makes for the perfect treat after a nice long day of sleeping and staying out of trouble.

So what flavors are there? The first is called "Ponche's Mix," which is a peanut butter and pretzel flavor. The second, "Rosie's Batch," is a cookie and pumpkin combo. Sounds good right? Why should the pooch eat better than I do?

Both flavors will be available later this month with each four ounce cup costing just $3, or a four pack will run you $5. Human desserts cost much more for sure.

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