2019 was a record year for King of the Grill entries. When we asked Central Texans to show us their gnarly, beat-up, rust bucket grills, y'all did not disappoint.

Sadly, we have but one grill to give. We saw so many nasty or dilapidated grills that have seen better days, and choosing a winner is always tough when there are so many worthy contenders.

That said, we're pretty confident that we've found the best example of a grillin' dad in need since 2017's legendary Frankengrill. (Pictured below.)

Courtesy of Tina Byler of Gatesville

Before you meet our winning culinary monstrosity, let's take a look at some of the runners-up!

King of the Grill 2019 Runners Up

And now, the worst grill to grace our inbox, which we've taken the liberty of dubbing 'The Hobo'.

Photo Submitted by O'Cemaria Huitt

Just look at that pile of rubble. It barely qualifies as a grill. But O'Cemaria Huitt of Marlin says her dad, Bennie, has cooked up plenty of great meals for the people he loves and his community on that thing. O'Cemaria told us Bennie is "country as can be", and we believe her. Only a country boy would put an old baby bed rail over some cinder blocks and metal sheeting to barbecue for his church!

Congrats to Bennie Huitt of Marlin for being crowned our 2019 King of the Grill! We're going to give you the new grill you obviously need and deserve, along with these other fantastic prizes from our sponsors:

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there who are devoted to caring for their families. We hope it's a day full of love, laughs, and great barbecue!