Some say fake, others say real, but everyone says it's the best.

If you believe the hype than this really happened in Dallas back in the day.

Some guy was calling in to say he was running late when he witnessed a traffic accident in front of him. This is where people have a tough time believing it's real because this guy gives one of the best play-by-play descriptions of a guy getting his butt beat by some old ladies you're ever gonna hear.

The comment sections claim this is real. It's from some Dunkin' Donuts employee. They claim that it floated around the employees for years before it was loaded up on the internet. He should be doing radio Play-By-Play because his descriptions of this event are epic.

Like I said before. Real or Fake, it's funny and heck. I'm leaning more toward real. The guy's laughing is just too good. You decide for yourself.

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