If you saw a bison Tuesday afternoon around downtown Belton, Texas, you weren't imagining it. Even though it was like a scene from the Wild West, no one was filming a movie.

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With some help from a few Central Texas cowboys on horseback, authorities were able to corral, tranquilize, and capture a bison - without injury to anyone, including the animal on the loose.

Escaped Bison in Belton, Texas

Tuesday was a lively day for police and other officials trying to bring the bison back where he belonged. KWTX is reporting that City of Belton spokesperson Paul Romer says the animal escaped from a veterinarian’s office on 6th Avenue in Belton early Tuesday morning. As soon as police and city officials were notified about the escape, an animal control officer immediately reached out to other veterinarians, as well as cowboys Derreck Lisenbe and Joe Draper to help with rescue.

Romer added that he's been working in Belton for 10 years and nothing like this has ever happened before, but everyone was grateful the bison didn’t go near a school bus and no one was injured on the interstate.

Even after being tagged with a tranquilizer, the bison was still going strong. Tracking continued, and the animal was struck with second round of tranquilizers. He was eventually corralled, captured near I-14 Tuesday afternoon, and returned to his owner, a local rancher.

Bison in Texas

Once threatened with extinction, bison are doing much better now. Herds can be seen in many states, including Texas, thanks to private-government partnerships, according to Texas Parks & Wildlife.

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