It's time for another new flavor from Blue Bell Ice Cream! Just make sure you keep your eyes peeled so you can find it in the store!

So much of Texas goes into Blue Bell Ice Cream, and much of what goes on in the state is also inspiration for new flavors of ice cream. Introducing "Camo 'N Cream"!

"Camo 'N Cream" is a blend of Pistachio Almond , Milk Chocolate, and Cream Cheese, all blended together in a camo pattern. Carl Breed is the director of marketing for Blue Bell and say:

You see the camo design on everything these days, so we thought why not create an ice cream flavor that looks like camouflage?

Blue Bell is gonna roll out "Camo 'N Cream" in half gallon and pint size. If you want a look at a list of flavors that Blue Bell currently offers check out this list from

For more on the new Camo 'N Cream ice cream from Blue Bell, here's Blue Bell Territory Manager Greg Gillin with more.

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