As the 2022 drought continues, the effects are beginning to be felt around certain parts of Texas. That's especially true here in Belton, Texas, where our local lakes are an essential part of our community's culture and identity.

Eric Garcia with the Killeen Daily Herald reports that officials have warned many that the lake levels have dipped below the 90% threshold. Currently at the time of writing, Belton Lake is at 89.7% full.

Stillhouse Lake meanwhile is at 89.1% capacity. With lower levels comes the possibility of both natural and manmade hazards appearing.

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Clay Church, a spokeperson for the Fort Worth Army Corps of Engineers said in a statement to the Killeen Daily Herald:

"Due to drought conditions local lake levels are declining" Church continued on saying "As the water level draws down, new hazards emerge. Boating and other recreation activities on or near the shoreline should include a renewed sense of awareness to emerging danger."

Currently, both lakes remain under a Stage 1 drought watch, which was put into place by the Brazos River Authority. This was put into place to encourage less water usage.

But many are asking how this 2022 drought is relates to the drought in 2011.

Thankfully, data is showing that it isn't as bad as the drought that year.

Videos from the time show how dire the situation had become:

Hopefully water levels will never reach such dismal levels again. According to KVUE, on October 4, 2011, most if not all of the state was under "exceptional drought" rating. Exceptional drought is the highest drought rating.

However, a chart provided by KVUE shows most of the state isn't under the "exceptional drought" rating right now. There is also still hope that with the spring season still not over, more rain will come to Texas to help alleviate some drought conditions.

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