You had to wonder why Ted Cruz was on the list to speak at the Republican Convention. Everyone thought it was because he'd decided to endorse Trump for President. Nope.

The man takes pride on being disliked. He didn't go to Washington D.C. to make friends, he went to make changes.

He got the opportunity to speak to the party sheep, sorry, people. And he did what he was supposed to. Bash Obama, bash the crook, sorry, Hillary. But when it came time to toss out the endorsement, he tossed out nothing. Vote your conscience.

Some are saying that he committed political suicide, but come on. He did what he does. Say something, in this case nothing, and get the spotlight shown on him. The man loves the spotlight.

In response to his non-endorsement, he says that he's not in the habit of endorsing people who go after his family. I have to admit. That is something I can admire. No "real" Republican wanted the Donald to win the nomination, but a majority of them have flipped flopped for the "good" of the party.

If you're party line is two-faced, that's a party that should not be supported. At least Cruz had the guts to stick to his guns. Sure he probably did it for the wrong reasons, at least he did it. And he might be one of the few "Republicans" who's still able to look at himself in the mirror this morning.