The Feds are upping the number of agents at the border - I don't need to be more precise than that, everyone in Texas knows which border we're talking about - since the events of last Tuesday's election. It is reported that an influx of illegal entries is expected. This was reported in several sources Sunday.

That sounds like a "get tough" attitude on the surface, but the number of extra agents being sent to Texas is only about a hundred and fifty. Now I may be misreading this but when you hear of flexing our enforcement muscle, beefing up personnel and sending reinforcements, the first image is hot and cold running boots on the ground - 150 ain't it.

Then again, border patrol agents are not military. Still, with over 400,000 (!) apprehensions at the border this year - a truly staggering number - what difference would 150 agents make?

Given there was a surge in 2014 of people from countries like El Salvador and Guatemala attempting to cross the border and escape the conditions in their native lands, how much of an increase are we talking about? And will 150 agents amount to any sizable increase?

I wonder if anyone knows anything anymore.