The weather in Central Texas has been more bipolar than a crazy ex-girlfriend. In the last couple of months, we have witnessed snow, tornadoes, and plenty of rain, and oddly enough not enough sunshine during the spring season.


The word cold written in frost on a car

I really wish this article was about me telling all of Central Texas to get ready to put their bathing suits and sunscreen on, but instead you might need to grab an extra sweater because another cold front is coming to town.

As of right now, we’re not looking at any snowfall thank goodness, but we are looking at the weather in the low 40s which for Texans is when we usually bring out the big coats.

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We want to make sure that all of Texas is more prepared when the weather changes drastically. Central Texas has not been exactly prepared. For example, if you would’ve told me two weeks ago that I would see a hail storm that literally had ice balls bigger than footballs, I wouldn’t have believed you.

KWTX, Gina Brown, Canva
KWTX, Gina Brown, Canva


Recently I wrote an article informing all of Central Texas that there will be a tax-free weekend for all of Texas to purchase essentials that we need when the weather turns especially nasty or there's an emergency situation. You can check the article out here to see more of what will be offered to you. Hopefully, there will not be any ice, but if there is in Central Texas, you can best believe I will inform you as soon as possible. Stay warm, Texas!


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