This former Central Texas police officer gives a bad name to all those officers who really take serving and protecting to heart.

According to a report from the Waco Tribune-Herald, Willy Rafael Lopez, 39, was arrested in Waco on Tuesday, October 5 during a prostitution sting.

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Deja Vu

Lopez responded to an ad and arranged a meeting between himself, and who he thought was a prostitute, exactly as he had in 2018.

Even more terrible than repeating his previous actions, Lopez was actually arrested by the exact same person who previously arrested him in 2018 Detective Joseph Scaramucci.

No Stranger to the Law

But wait, it gets worse.  Detective Scaramucci and Lopez actually used to work on the same side investigating crimes related to prostitution and human trafficking.

Lopez served as an officer for the Waco Police Department for 5 years before being arrested the first time. Almost immediately following his first arrest, Lopez was arrested again for invasive visual recording.

According to a report from KWTX, when officers searched Lopez's phone they found two incriminating videos. Lopez could be seen "setting up the phone in his son's bedroom, then returning to the room to have sex with a prostitute who didn’t know the encounter was being recorded."

Older, But Not Yet Wiser

Despite losing his job 5 years ago and facing public scandal, Lopez fell into the exact same trap.

Scaramucci told the Waco Trib that Lopez stated:

“I learned my lesson the first time. Can you let me go?”

Uhmm, no. Obviously Lopez didn't learn a thing.

Lopez probably won't get off as easy as before though, his crime is no longer a misdemeanor. In fact, prostitution charges are now a felony.

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