Shortages of all kinds have been in the news for the last two years. Nothing new, right?

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However, we may be running out of something unexpected in Texas, and at the worst possible time.

Dairy Shortages in United States

KXAN is reporting that according to the Labor Department, dairy items were some of the groceries hardest hit by inflation. Since July 2021, butter prices have gone up over 24%.

There may also be supply issues with butter as we reach the holiday season. According to the Wall Street Journal, because of staffing issues and lower milk production, there is a nationwide dairy shortage.

Butter Boards Aren't Helping

A new trend is 'butter boards', which feature a charcuterie board of softened butter with specialty bread on social media. Blogger Sarah Fennel of Broma Bakery on Instagram has hopped on the trend, sharing tips to soften up the butter.

According to lifestyle website the Manual, earlier this month New York cook Justine Doiron posted an Instagram reel of a butter board, and a few days later, the reel had more than 8 million views. Here's @justine_snacks sharing her butter board technique on TikTok:

@justine_snacksI like this one idk I’m in a silly goofy butter mood♬ original sound - speed songs

While it looks delicious, that's a lot of butter, especially if it's a trending edible fad. Hopefully, there will be enough butter for all those wonderful Thanksgiving dishes that we're all looking forward to eating this November. The good news? According to KXAN, the dairy industry is well aware of the issue, and is working to make sure everyone has what they need for the next few months.

In the meantime, maybe a different spread besides butter will start trending on social media.

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