Legend has it that only 5 people have ever been able to finish the Chacho's Tacos "Taco Challenge" down in Corpus Christi. 

The Tex-Mex restaurant Chacho's Tacos is not only said to have a "slap your mama good" breakfast, but they also have some pretty awesome tacos as well.

Made famous in south Texas for their "Taco Challenge", if you think you can finish off a 4-to-5 pound taco for lunch, then this place will make ya famous. This giant taco is made up of a huge homemade tortilla, cheese, beans, carne guisada, eggs, potatoes and even some bacon for good measure.

The restaurant challenges customers to finish this beast in ten minutes or less. If you do, you'll get a T-shirt, a spot in their hall-of-fame, and you get to brag all over Texas about this stomach-stretching accomplishment. Oh, you'll also get lunch on the house if you can actually finish it. If not, this mega-taco will cost ya $9.99. Not bad...

Chacho's Tacos is located at 3700 Ayers street in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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