Late last week, someone ran into the Welcome to Killeen sign in their car. Today, another driver slammed into a house in the 800 block of Stovall Avenue.

Is it time to start wrapping everything out there in NERF foam?

KWTX-TV reports that the crash happened early Tuesday morning, and that the driver was taken into custody. They shared a photo of the damage.

via KWTX
via KWTX


KCEN-TV reports that three people were home at the time. One man said he was sleeping in the next room when he heard the crash around 2 AM, stepped outside, and saw a truck lodged in his wall.

It makes wonder if he thought he was still dreaming.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported. Unfortunately, three people are now without a home because of the damage. The Red Cross is currently helping them out.

Charges are reportedly pending against the driver, but police haven't released info about the driver or what may have caused the crash.

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