At a time when locally owned businesses are already dealing with unprecedented stress, some jerk decided to steal a van from one of our favorite BBQ joints.

Our friends at Johnny's Steaks & BBQ in Salado report that their catering van was stolen Sunday night.

The van was described as a white 2002 Ford with a Johnny's Smoking Texas logo and phone number 947-GOOD on the side. The license plate reads RDG 092.

If you see it, please call your local police department or contact Salado police at (254) 947-5681.

Johnny's Steaks and BBQ Logo

Unfortunately, a photo of the van wasn't immediately available. We'll update this piece if that changes, but in the meantime, just keep an eye out for a big white Ford van with the logo and number above.

We've all been trying to be kinder to one another and get through this pandemic together. Sadly, there are still selfish people out there doin' crime because of course there are.

Let's keep looking out for each other as a community and doing the best we can, whether that means keeping an eye out for stolen vans, picking up a few extra groceries for a neighbor in need, or simply continuing to practice social distancing and hand washing to help slow the spread of the 'Rona.

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