Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced Thursday that the Texas Department of Public Safety will begin a phased opening of driver license office beginning Tuesday, May 26. However, Central Texas offices will not open until Friday, May 29.

Here's how it's scheduled to work:

Phase 1 will see DPS offices in Northwest and West Texas reopen with limited services on Monday.

Phase 2 will see DPS offices here in Central Texas and in South Texas open up next Friday, May 29.

DPS offices in North and Southeast Texas will open on June 3 as part of Phase 3. Phase 4 will expand the services available at all offices.

Before you start making plans to camp outside the DPS office for a spot in line next week, you should know that limited services are being offered by appointment only. You can make an appointment for Central Texas offices Tuesday, May 26 at 1 PM.

I would link you directly to the appointment page, but it hasn't been launched yet. You can keep an eye on this page, though. That site also lists services that are currently available online, so you may be able to renew your license, change your address, or take care of other business entirely on the web. Click around and see what they can do for you online. Could save you some time and trouble.

Unfortunately, I'm not eligible to renew my license online for some reason. I guess because I renewed electronically the last time. Just my luck. If you're not sure about your ability to renew online, enter some info from your license here to find out. There's no fee involved if you're just logging in to check your status.

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