Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody recently confronted a scam caller claiming to be one of his deputies and demanding money.

KWTX reports that Sheriff Chody learned of the scam from a woman who received a message from someone who identified himself as "Deputy Marshall" with the Williamson Country Sheriff's Office and said she owned the office money.

Chody called the number the impostor left and was greeted with the words "sheriff's office". Chody filmed the call and shared it on Twitter.



The bizarre exchange mostly consists of the scammer repeatedly asking Chody to spell his last name. The man then eventually asks if Chody is with law enforcement. When Chody says yes, the scammer replies, "I thought you did."

When Chody asks the scammer where he's located, the line suddenly goes dead.

Either "Deputy Marshall" somehow placed a call from another dimension, or someone's calling around pretending to be a deputy in order to prey on people.

Our guess is the latter, so be careful who you trust.

If you receive a call from anyone claiming to be with law enforcement or the government and demanding some sort of payment, hang up and try calling the agency they claim to be with in order to confirm they are who they say they are.

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