KWTX's Paul J. Gately reports that a Central Texas woman charged with aggravated robbery plead guilty to the charges on Tuesday.

Crystal Gayle Dillinger pleaded guilty on the charges of aggravated robbery stemming from a drug deal went bad rather than trying her luck in court with a trial. State District Court Judge Ralph Strother sentenced Dillinger to 24 months in a state prison after accepting her plea.

Dillinger was set for trial Tuesday, but at her last opportunity decided to take the guilty plea. An affidavit in Dillinger's court file show that she and two other women were reportedly in on the aggravated robbery as well. Florencio Monreal, Cherri Faye Westerfield, and Dillinger allegedly confronted a drug deal at a motel parking lot in downtown Waco on Jan. 16, 2014.

Authorities say the group that confronted the drug dealer pulled out a knife, robbed the dealer, and fled the scene. The dealer was not injured, and the three suspects were indicted on April 30, 2014.


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