What do Troy Aikman, George Clooney, Ryan Reynolds, Kendall Jenner, and Matthew McConaughey all have in common?

They all have an alcoholic beverage they are marketing, because they're famous, and because...why not?

Troy Aikman has been a busy guy. After two years of research, the three-time Super Bowl champ and current sportscaster has a new light beer called 'Eight' - which isn't the number of calories nor the percentage of alcohol.

The name is simply the number he wore when he was a Dallas Cowboy.

Why Did Troy Aikman Want to Make Light Beer?

The dilemma: You love beer, but want to watch your calories, and you also want a beer that tastes good.

This is the problem Aikman decided it was time to solve.

He knows there are a lot of light beers out there to compete with, but says he feels good about Eight's chances in the market. He says, "I thought we could create a 'better for you' beer, and we've accomplished that."

The beer industry is extremely competitive, and there are roughly 9,000 breweries in the United States, according to inc.com, a business magazine.

'Eight' has 90 calories, and Brian Kendall of Fort Worth Magazine describes it as 'not a craft beer, but somewhere between a Martin House brew and a Budweiser' in his review.

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Where Can You Get 'Eight'?

You can only buy Elite Light Lager at select bars and restaurants in Texas right now, so if you're looking to pick up a six-pack, you'll have to wait until March, according to Fort Worth Magazine.

As of now, 'Eight' is only available in Austin.

Click here to get the list of locations serving the new beverage.


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