Well, it seems the Packers might be able to afford some more free agents this year.

Powerball Jackpot Expected To Reach A Whopping Record-Breaking 1.5 Billion
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There was a winner in the Powerball last night, and no it was not a Texas winner. Right there is proof that the game was rigged. Lord knows a Texan would have brought a sense of class to the winners circle. Plus, of course, brisket.

The winning numbers were 16 - 20 - 37 - 44 - 62 - 12

Only one ticket had the correct numbers, and that ticket was sold in Wisconsin. Some cheese head is now $768.4 million richer.

I only hope it was purchased by someone from Minnesota who came over the border on a cheese run. It happens. A lot. Maybe it's the anti-Packer fan in me, but I just can't see anyone from Wisconsin being that lucky. They live in Wisconsin after all.

Two tickets came close, getting 5 numbers but missing the Powerball number. However, they paid extra so they'll get an extra million dollars. Those tickets were sold in Kansas and Minnesota, so you know most of their money will go toward flood damage.

The best Texans could do was to get 4 out of 5 numbers with the Powerball. There were 13 winners who'll pocket $50,000.

They say there's lottery curse, so I guess the rest of us will have to wait get cursed in such a fashion.

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