A chemical spill early this morning at the E.R. Carpenter Company in Temple, Texas has sent four individuals to the hospital, including a first responder.

KWTX reports that Temple Fire &Rescue arrived at 2611 North General Bruce Drive at just before six in the morning, after a caller on the scene alerted them to a "significant chemical spill." Three E.R. Carpenter employees were decontaminated at the plant and then taken to Scott & White hospital for further examination.

According to Temple Fire & Rescue spokesperson Thomas Pechal, the spill of a chemical called Toluene Diisocyanate has been fully contained and there is no danger to the public. However, one firefighter came into contact with the liquid and was treated on the scene, while a Scott & White EMT was taken back to the hospital after complaints of difficulty breathing.

E.R. Carpenter Company, founded in 1948, is one of the largest producers of foam products in the world, including carpet padding and bedding, and the chemical is a key agent in the foam-pouring process.