Ahhh yes, so I remember the first summer job I had. My mom made me save my checks and that money was for clothes for the upcoming school year.

I cleaned up vacant lots in the city of Chicago in the heat. The good old days!

Reminiscing on that and now seeing that the City of Killeen has opened more than 100 summer jobs for teens makes me smile.

If you have a teenager 16 and over who needs a summer job, check out the seasonal openings at killeentexas.gov/168/Open-Positions.

According to a press release, Killeen expands its staff to keep up with the demands of summer programs through August coinciding with the Killeen ISD school year calendar.

Students will be in positions ranging from lifeguards to grounds maintenance workers, and pay ranges from $7.25 to $10 per hour.

Go here if you have a teenager who is interested in applying!

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