Beginning in March, pet owners in Killeen will be required to have their pets spayed or neutered and micro chipped.

The change to the city's animal ordinance will take effect March 15. The new rules, adopted in November of last year, also require that all animals held or processed by the Killeen Animal Shelter be micro chipped and an extra charge added to redemption and impoundment fees. Additionally, owners of reclaimed pets must be able to prove that the animal has been spayed or neutered. If not, they must sign an agreement to have the animal undergo sterilization within a specific time frame.

The ordinance provides an exemption for animals with up to date breeding permits as long as they have a statement from a veterinarian and a verifiable chip. Competition animals may also be exempt if the owner can provide proper documentation, and exemptions may be granted for medical reasons with proof of a veterinarian's orders.

More information can be found at the City of Killeen's website.